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Our Approach

Raven was founded in 2016 by Hollie Rapello and Matt Van Hoven, who first worked together as a new business and public relations team at a leading ad agency. Despite the fact that their combined roles served the same purpose - generating business - the key challenge was proving the ROI of public relations in support of overall company growth. Together they developed a business model that solves this challenge and creates wholly new value from public relations strategy and execution. Today Raven is known for its ability to generate market-moving coverage that drives measurable business results.

Our Team

Hollie Rapello


Hollie Rapello


Matt Van Hoven


Matt Van Hoven



Strategic Planning

We give expert advice on how to find the perfect space for you to own and describe what you do in language that is clear, concise, and jargon-free.

Story Development

We identify pressworthy news and develop bespoke strategies inclusive of all the key elements required to successfully break each story.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a powerful vehicle for demonstrating acuity in a field. We help with everything from ideation and narrative development to writing and placement.


Whether virtual, on stage or on a podcast, we help our clients find their voice in the areas that will best serve building the perception they need to forge ahead.


It’s one thing to be deserving of recognition, and another to understand how to get it. We identify the awards that matter most, evaluate what’s attainable and develop a strategic plan to increase your wins over time.

Paid Media

We use strategic paid media tactics to ensure the people who matter most to your business see your hard-earned media coverage.

Media Relations

An important way to get your voice heard is by contributing your expertise in a range of ways. We help build your personal brand as a go-to authority on topics that matter to you.

Media Training

We can make even the most reluctant camera and stage-ready with an in depth workshop teaching pro-tips for getting your message across clearly.

Strategic Partnerships

Sometimes the right partner can make all the difference. We can help identify opportunities to enhance your narrative in creative ways with those outside of your current network.

Event Planning

Raven provides strategy and on-the-ground support for the biggest events, conferences, and stages in the industry.

Crisis Communications

Raven offers experienced crisis counsel that can help protect your brand.

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