Westminster Dog Show and GLOW Make TikTok Debut

GLOW is a social and digital agency out of New York that works with one of America’s most beloved brands (for dog-lovers at least), the Westminster Kennel Club. Each year the organization hosts its annual dog show which takes place in February and is televised nationally, receiving much attention from the dog community and beyond. GLOW manages the social activity surrounding the show which is a massive effort in itself. During GLOW’s planning leading up to the event, we worked in close partnership together to identify creators from TikTok (the social platform that at-the-time was rising at incredible speed). With a deep understanding of what aspects would attract reporters to cover GLOW’s unique role in the event, Raven helped to select TikTok personalities that produced dog-focused content and had large followings.

GLOW invited the TikTokers to the event encouraging them to create content under the agency’s many content streams planned for the big show. Raven was able to secure an exclusive opportunity with AdAge, a key target for the agency, to tour the event and watch the social team in real time resulting in a feature story. Other coverage resulting from our efforts included Mobile Marketer. The Westminster client is an important relationship for our client GLOW and our team’s ability to secure press that boosted the agency and the brand was a major win for all.