Rebranding Knoxville as a Creative Hub

Until recently, Knoxville, Tennessee was not known as a creative hub. This despite the fact that the community there is rich with creative thinkers, artists, musicians and the like. Further, the full service advertising agency Tombras is based there, and had just opened a state of the art headquarters in the same building it had been founded in 75 years before. The agency needed to change Knoxville’s perception if it was going to continue to attract creative talent, and brands, through its doors.

In reality, Knoxville was a lot like another mid-market city that only 15 years ago, wasn’t considered a creative hub, but today is home to dozens of creatively-focused businesses – Boulder, Colorado. In fact, the two cities had a lot in common. Both were nestled in the mountains, were home to entrepreneurs creating unique products and services, and had well known ad agencies based there. They’re both great places to raise a family and build a life. We made this correlation to Adweek, and they agreed. The result is this story, but also Tombras newfound ability to attract top talent from across the country.