A Viral Entertainment Stunt that Scared the World at Gas Stations

Jason Zada is the mastermind behind Take This Lollipop, a chill inducing interactive facebook experience that launched in 2011 and generated millions of engagements. In 2020, Jason came to Raven to boost the media presence of his new take on Take This Lollipop which brought to light the dangers of deep fakes and location services on the ever-surveillant web.

Raven took Jason’s idea even further by introducing a partnership with GSTV, a national video network that delivers targeted messages at scale at tens of thousands of fuel retailers across the country. Combined, we created the effect that Take This Lollipop is following you wherever you go, even your local convenience store.

Not only did this frightening stunt get 40 Million plays and 50 Million TikTok views across every country on the planet, but our work also secured the attention of major media outlets such as AdAge, Business Insider, The Rolling Stone, AV Club as well as crucial publications for GSTV like OOH Today and AdWeek.